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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

  1. Where is the Los Angeles Children’s Court and what do I need to know before I attend a court hearing in my foster child’s case?
  2. What are the rules for DCFS disclosure of information about a child to a prospective adoptive parent?
  3. What are my rights if the social worker wants to move my foster child to a new home?
  4. What is DCFS policy regarding how it handles grievances by disappointed relatives? Where do I find forms?
  5. What are my employment rights to time off during the adoption or foster placement of a child?
  6. Is my foster and/or adopted child entitled to health insurance? What will happen if there are pre-existing conditions?
  7. What court forms are required to finalize my foster child’s adoption after parental rights have been terminated?  How long will it take? Will I get to pick a date for our adoption?
  8. How can I find out if my name is listed on the Child Abuse Index (“CACI”) ?  What can I do to ask that my name be removed from the CACI?
  9. Can I take a tax deduction for my foster child?
  10. How can I obtain a social security number for my foster child or the child I am in the process of adopting?
  11. What can I expect at a Team Decision Making Meeting (“TDM”) for my foster child?
  12. Can foster and adoptive parents get time off work to bond with a child?
  13. What is a Live Scan, where should I get Live Scanned, and why does it take so long to get results of a criminal background check?
  14. What should I do when I discover that someone (such as birth mother or father) is claiming my adopted child as a dependent on his or her IRS tax returns?
  15. How can I find my foster child’s social security number to include in my tax return? The social worker won’t provide it.