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Immediate Assistance/Support Available for Foster Kids and their Caregivers

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The California Family Urgent Response System  is a free hotline for current or former foster youth and their caregivers to request help. The hotline is open 24 hours per day. When you call the FURS hotline, you will be connected with a trained counselor or peer who will listen to you. FURS is a safe and private space to talk. If more support is needed, a local team can come directly to where you are to help you work on the problem. The team will also help connect you to local services and future support. If you need assistance, CALL OR TEXT: 1-833-939-FURS (3877) or visit online at

FURS is a coordinated statewide, regional, and county-level system designed to provide collaborative and timely state-level phone-based response and county-level in-home, in-person mobile response during situations of instability, to preserve the relationship of the caregiver and the child or youth.